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“I am a busy person and since I need to leave the company that I am working, I need to craft a farewell speech but I don’t have time. I seek for a help and got know on FarewellSpeech.info, they help me in having a good speech and when I read it, I got carried away because it is impressive.”

Duncan, USA

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Farewell Speech

A farewell speech is a standard feature for saying good-bye to a person that is leaving an organization and moving on to another position. There are two ways in which you can write farewell speeches. It can be the speech delivered to the person that is leaving or the speech that the person leaving delivers to those with whom he/she has worked or studies. It can be a retirement farewell speech for an individual who is retiring from the work force. Whatever your needs may be for writing a farewell speech our experts at FarewellSpeeches.info are the best people to contact for assistance.

Mark a departure with a farewell speech

The purpose of a farewell speech is to mark the significance of a departure of someone from a position or organization. A high school farewell speech, for example, is generally delivered by the Valedictorian of the class and is a way in which to thank the teachers and administration of the school as well as to offer congratulations and best wishes for the future to the graduating class.

Qualities that are important in all farewell speeches include:

  • Sincere expressions of emotion
  • Positive reflections on the past
  • Shortness – the speech should be short and to the point

Ideas to include in a farewell speech

The reason for the farewell speech will determine the content of the speech. For example, a senior farewell speech for an executive of a company that is leaving to take up a new position would include remarks about the accomplishments of this person and the milestones in the career. If you are the person saying farewell then you should concentrate on the positive aspects of working in this position and bring up points about what you enjoyed. The important part is to deliver a farewell party speech that will not put a damper on the festivities.

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